our history

HealthTech Advisors has its roots in the First Consulting Group (FCG) healthcare IT firm from the 1990’s. Our principals and leaders share the same desire to deliver exceptional results for our clients.

  • 1980

    the computing revolution

    Jeff White was involved in the early computing revolution with Digital Equipment Corp VAX mini-computer and PC programming for predicting the production of petroleum reservoirs with water and surfactant polymer oilfield injection.

  • 1984

    early rapid application development

    Guy Scalzi was a co-founder of DataEase International, a database software company that is still supporting the product. DataEase is a rapid application development tool for developing relationally-organized, data-intensive software applications.

  • 1999

    the FCG days

    The principals of HealthTech Advisors meet on client projects at First Consulting Group (FCG). They shared the same drive to provide creative solutions for healthcare clients and how to best manage change.

  • 2005

    HealthTech Advisors is created

    This was the time when we started our company. We had no idea how far we would go. What we did know is that we could assist healthcare organizations with cross-industry experience and best practices. Some of our first projects included PACS selection and implementations at Inova Health, SSM Health, and Catholic Health Initiatives.

  • 2008

    a new hospital project in a developing country

    We partnered with another firm to build and commission the first American style hospital in Africa. We led all technology and clinical systems efforts at Bokamoso Private hospital in Gaborone, Botswana and the hospital was opened on-time in January 2010.

  • 2009

    integrating with another healthcare IT firm

    We integrated out team into another healthcare IT consulting firm, Aspen Advisors. As principals of Aspen, we helped grow the team from 27 advisors to 118 in four years.

  • 2013

    breaking away

    This is the year that we became independent again and we were determined to continue "helping healthcare organizations realize their goals". Some of our major projects included IT strategic planning, system selections, and M&A support for multi-hospital systems.

  • 2016

    going international

    Through our partner relationships with Source Atlantic, we had the opportunity to support new hospital planning in Saudi Arabia. We also provided advisory services to the Brazilian Military Healthcare System.

  • 2018

    mergers & acquisitions

    We were selected to assist a healthcare organization that was growing through a major merger. The key activities were IT strategic planning, developing a technology integration roadmap and budgets, and providing the talent to manage significant transformation for the new organization.

  • 2020

    working in the era of a pandemic

    With the global coronavirus pandemic, we are working remotely to support our clients' needs. Our team is supporting many projects including an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation, EHR planning, IS strategies, IT assessments and process improvement. Our team is every effective with remote work and it helps to contain total project costs for our clients.

  • 2021

    leading a successful Oracle ERP implementation

    With the pandemic well underway, we engaged with one of our clients in early 2020 to provide the Program Director and team 12 analyst/builders for an Oracle Cloud ERP implementation. The team supported the project over a 14-month period and successfully went live in April 2021.

  • 2022

    going international again and EHR optimizations

    We're stepping back into the international market with the planning for a major hospital and five regional hospitals, along with primary care facilities, all in a developing country. Once funding is finalized, this will be a multi-year project for our team. Here in the USA, we are helping a major integrated delivery network organization with optimization of their EHR usage in primary care clinics and specialty practices.

  • 2024

    assisting a newly formed academic health system

    One of our clients created a new academic health system with the merger of several hospitals, and the integration of clinics that were closely associates with a school of medicine. Through our assessment and planning, we helped realign IS costs through the transition of contracted staff and canceling contracts that provided little value to the organization. The saving opportunities identified will exceed $28M over three years.

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