Strategic partners

Foundation AI

Real AI for Automated Document Recognition & Workflow Optimization
Foundation AI delivers secure, scalable, intelligent document processing solutions to the healthcare and insurance sectors. The platform connects and unifies document input sources and integrates with downstream systems to optimize and automate document processing workflows.

Source Atlantic

Medical Device Procurement & Sourcing
Source Atlantic delivers professional service solutions for the specialized needs of the healthcare and bio-research communities. With over 100 years of combined experience in Management, Planning, Forecasting and Procurement of medical equipment, furniture and IT related hardware for hospitals and research facilities throughout the world, Source Atlantic provides the expertise to meet the logistical needs of organizations engaged in expansions, renovations and construction of entire facilities.

Goldman Health Strategies

Revenue Cycle Experts
GHS works with our clients to make sure that their revenue cycle systems and growth strategies – from appointment scheduling through to full payment – are designed with the patient in mind.

AddTech (Brazil)

Innovation with Design Thinking & Agile Transformation
Innovation is more than having a special look at emerging technologies for solving problems. At AddTech, to innovate is to break the cultural paradigms by breaking patterns of thoughts to seek results never before achieved. They combine Design Thinking methodology with some of the brightest agile developers on the planet. Innovation is made with people, and they love doing that.
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